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Resources | Do You Have a Sick Child?

Coping with a sick child is an extremely challenging ordeal for all family members.

Many parents feel overwhelmed when they find out that their child is developing in a different way than many other children do. Like other parents, you may find that you do not know where to start, what to read, where to go first.
Jack at Sick Kids
You may also have mixed feelings about your child's diagnosis. You may feel that knowing your child's diagnosis will help you get the services and support you need. At the same time, you may feel that the diagnosis will now define who your child is. No matter what the diagnosis, your child, like all children, is unique. All children have their own very special personalities.

There are a number of community resources that may be able to provide support for your family. Additionally, you may want to explore resources within your child's hospital. Does your child's hospital have a parent support group? If not, perhaps you could start one yourself or ask your child's doctor if they are open to putting you in touch with other parents in similar circumstances.

Ontario Community Services Resources

Epilepsy Halton Peel

Respite Services
This service provides respite care for families.

Toronto Community Helpline

Ability Online Support Network
This computer friendship network helps children and youth with disabilities or chronic illnesses talk to one another and to their friends, family, caregivers, and supporters.

Ontario Financial Resources

Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities Program
This program provides assistance to parents with extraordinary costs associated with having a child with serious special needs.

Special Services at Home
This program provides funding for the personal development and growth of the family member with a disability and secondly for relief and support for the family.

Disability Tax Credit
This tax credit lowers the amount of tax you may owe if your child has a severe, long-lasting mental or physical disability. Call 1-800-959-2221 and ask for a copy of Form T2201.

The Trillium Drug Program, Ministry of Health & Long-Term Care
This program helps people who have high drug costs. The amount of help depends on the amount of money you earn. Call 1-800-575-5386 for more information.

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